Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo Dump!!- enjoy

So Ive been out boating non-stop lately and i have a lot of photos and stories to upload, but to get a huge jump start on it all. So here are a bunch photos all courtesy of my buddy Wes Brown, thanks a lot bro!
Thanks again for all the sweet photos Wes.
Team WS,SR,Ophion,BomberGear,SkirtworkS

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playboating in my Project 52

So with all the recent rain i have been able to get on some great creeks and rivers lately, and had a blast doing so. But all in all i have been missing a good 'ol playboating throwdown session, so over Christmas and New Years break i took to the Locust and Mulberry Forks of the Worrior river in North central Alabama.

With plenty of waves and holes to chose from we had a great time, i felt like i was returning to my roots.......... i have recently been creek boating so avidly that its been a while since i felt the rush, power, and speed of a play feature.

I want to take this opportunity thank my Sponsors, Wavesport kayaks, Ophion paddles, ShredReady Helmets, BomberGear, and SkirtworkS. They provide the best gear, with the best support so make SURE to check them out!

signing out