Monday, October 25, 2010

12 days to go.....GREEN RACE BABY!! Photo Update

(Gorilla/long boat 10/23/10, charlie simmons)
Big thanks to my fiance Brittany whom hiked in to take such wonderful shots (10/24/10) as well as to Chris' friend Melody.

With only two weeks to go until the race, the chargers are starting to turn out....and not just the locals.  Even with less than ideal river flow the monkey got spanked quite hard this passed weekend; though it did bite back on a few just to show its teeth. Here are some photos from the past few days.

 Charlie Simmons- Gorilla
 Ray Morton/ Scream Machine
 Ray Morton- Niece's Pieces
 Ray Morton- same
 Bryan Kirk- Sunshine Right
 Charlie Simmons- Groove Tube
 Charlie Simmons- Sunshine Right Sequence
 Landing Zone

 David Ledford- Gorilla

 Adriene Levknencht - Gorilla
 Mike Dawson- Gorilla

 Isaac Levinson -Gorilla

 Sonders -gorilla

Tad Dennis - Gorilla
Casey Eichfeld- Gorilla
 hand paddler- gorilla
 Sonders- Powerslide
 Brad McMillan- Powerslide
Chris Wing- Powerslide

 -til next time-
Charlie Simmons
Team Wave Sport Kayaks, Shred Ready Helmets, Ophion Paddles, Bomber Gear, SkirtworkS

Monday, October 18, 2010

19 days and counting...........Green River Narrows Race

 Saturday November 6th 2010; marks the day.  The Green River Narrows Race is one of the worlds most extreme kayak races, and this year is the 15th annual race.  There are several categories in which racers will sign up; Kayak (long boat and short boat classes), C1, Handpaddling, and Iron Man (short + long boat): and of these categories there will be mens and womens. Racers will have timed intervals bewtween there starting point and will paddles as fast as they can (or at least willing to through class 5 rapids) down what is known as the "Monster Mile" this is a stretch of river in the Green river gorge that drops almost 400 feet in one mile!  The majority of the mile is class 4+ and 5 but there are two grade 5+ rapids; "Go left and die" and "Gorilla".

-Below is a short film put together by Five2Nine showcaseing the Green Race and the Green River in particular.  "Currents is a river stewardship focused WebTV program (online video documentary) which uses white water kayaking as a means to educate a broader audience about the risks threatening the world’s rivers and to help highlight the intrinsic value of preserving rivers in their natural state.
More info at"

On race day there will be spectators exceeding 500 whom hike into the remote gorge just to see the action......some of which will be stylish and inspiring; but some of the action will be pure carnage!

Race training has stepped into full effect here in the mountains of western North Carolina, and it has bee a great time on the river.  Days packed with lots of great paddlers, and even more great rapids.  While i have been getting some great video footage, i am saving it for another day however here are some photos all shot over the month of october on the Green River Narrows. Some racers, some not but all good times.

Til Next Time, see you on the river!
-Charlie Simmons-
Team Wave Sport Kayaks, Ophion Paddles, Shred Ready Helmets, Bomber Gear, Skirtworks

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colorado 2010 Update from Cruise

So my buddy Cruise Quenelle just finished this 2010 Colorado Update. Sweet vid, showcasing some of the great runs in and near Durango Colorado + more. im sure you'll enjoy.