Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go HUCK yourself - Waterfall tour

So i just picked up a new Habitat 80 from Wave Sport, and it has handled everything ive tossed at it with extreme ease. Below are photos from my first two days in it from this last weekend.

Courthouse Falls
-on the brink-Tuck 'er up!
Triple Falls - DuPont National forest
Hooker FallsToxaway(Above) hiking up to the Goods. -And (Below) it was indeed good.(Below) Here are some shots of me paddling down zoomed out, so you can see the grand scale.(Below) Road-side Park n Huck
Lots more pictures if interested, as well as video coming soon!! so stay tuned.
-charlie simmons-
Team Wave Sport, Ophion paddles, Shred Ready helmets, Skirtworks, and Bomber Gear

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Anonymous said...

Hey, man, my name is Rebecca and I'm an incoming Freshman at Auburn this year and have been looking to get into whitewater kayaking for the last three years. Could you help a sista out and maybe let me know where to start?
The only piece of equipment I own is a Protec helmet, but I'm seriously hoping to add that soon.
Any help would be appreciated!