Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Uchee Creek - satans garden falls

Yesterday Steven,Wes, and I ventured out to Satans Garden, the falls on Little Uchee Creek. Steven has just bought his first creek boat, and having only been boating since this summer, hasn't had the opportunity to jump on ANY natural flow rivers. So given the first rain of the season coming through we went out, even if it was ELF flow.
Wes and i haven't made it out to the Uchee in quite some time, so needless to say i was a little off on the directions............But we finally made it just in time for some sundown park and huck.
I still haven't picke up my Wavesport Boats, so i was in my Jefe C1, and Steven in his Jefe kayak. Wes B took the photos, thanks bro.
anyway here they are.

And here is one of steven too.

Until nextime


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jefe + boredom = C1 creeking

Zach and I went to the Tallapoosa today to run the creeklines. He kept calling it running the creek lines in alternate crafts, because he was in his Ronin and i was in my Jefe C1. It was all good. We each fired it all up and had a blast doin it. Heres a photo dump.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tallapoosa River- creek lines in C boats too!

The Tallapoosa River The Tallapoosa river, thurlow section, offers great whitewater at all levels possible! With big water releases offering up to 13,000 cfs, the Tallapoosa makes great playboating and wonderful BIG water lines all along the river and at especially at the falls. The falls alone offers up 5 standard lines, and as many more as you're willing to try.
But, as with any other dam released river, the Tallapoosa has a minimum low flow also, and only offers up anywhere from 400 to 2,000 cfs(depending on the drought.)
At the minimum flow the river has good attainments, eddy hops, but most importantly great creek boat lines at the falls. One of the few places that you can actually "practice" creekboating.

Here is a link to an OLD video i made a while back all about the "Creek Lines" in kayaks
check it out and come back.......

So, i have been kayaking the Tallapoosa "creek lines" at least a year now. And by no means has it grown boring, but its always fun to throw spice in your life....
Lately i have been both open boating and C1ing the creek lines.
Here's a photo dump, all the pictures are of me and taken by Steven Naylor, all taken over the last week......

Photo Captions- 1. Me- Dagger Rival OC1- Horseshoe ledge 2. Zach sanders- sticky hole 3. Tallapoosa Falls 12,000cfs 4. Me- The falls 7000cfs 5. Me- Dagger Rival OC1- "The Stomp"line 6. Me- Dagger Rival- "The finger" on line. 7. Going back up for more 8. Me- Blown off the finger... but it was good too. 9. Me- Dagger Response C1- Horseshoe ledge 10-11. Me- Dagger Response C1- "The Finger".

Well, that's all for now but check back for more!

-charlie simmons-

ShredReady Helmets- "because rocks hurt!"

ShredReady Helmets have played a HUGE roll in kayaking for me since in the beginning. My first helmet i ever had for paddling i found floating in an eddy on the Saugahatchee Creek, while open boating one day after class. My second helmet was a Shaggy midnight blue, my girlfriend Brittany gave to me for Christmas when i first started kayaking two Christmas's' ago. I rocked that and another black shaggy for years until upgrading to my TDub. I got it when i first started teaching kayaking with and for Tom, owner of SR.
Since 1996 owner Tom Shreburne and ShredReady have been making a GREAT line of helmets, gear, and accessories. Making every helmet with the care as if it was their own ShredReady has conquered the Kayaking world and moved on into Skiing, snowboarding, kite boarding, wake boarding, and who know what is next.
Now jumping onto the Customizing wagon. Now not only get your different helmet models, colors, and material types, but make it your "own" with custom vinyl graphics and backgrounds.
With a one of kind helmet, everyone will know you on the river!
so make sure and check it out at

-charlie simmons-
Team SR

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bombsquad is comming! - BomberGear

c For GREAT gear that actually keeps you DRY make sure and check out
do it now!!!
Bomber Gear's Mission:
Our Mission
"Most revolutions start small and eventually peak with an intense shift in design, construction and consciousness. Bomber Gear™ has evolved to such a pinnacle – evolution to revolution. Using technology never before seen in the paddling/outdoor adventure industry, Bomber Gear is redefining the standards of outdoor gear and apparel using innovative technology regarding fabrics, design and modes of construction. Bomber Gear’s™ newest contribution to the paddling/outdoor gene pool is Kold Fusion™, a technique so advanced we need to use the terms ‘laser’, ‘polymer matrix’ and ‘dynamic electric field’ in order to describe it. As always, our goal is to break the barriers of ‘industry standard’ and elevate utility/performance to a new, dynamic level. Each item is specifically designed for functionality and form, and each piece represents our modern, artistic flair. Bomber Gear™ is the ‘next generation animal’ in the outdoor industry. We prove ourselves as ‘survival of the fittest’ by making survival gear that fits. "

Owner Rick Franken takes a personal effort to ensure great products for ever type of amphibious athlete.
With a full line of dry gear, accessories, body layers, Bomber Gear has what you're looking for
-charlie simmons-
team bombsquad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SkirtworkS- sprayskirts and accessories

SkirtworkS is great company right out of Friendsville, Md. and they have handsdown some of the best service I have ever delt with. Owners Charles and Karen put a great effort into assuring the best products they can manufacture, and have a handson effort on every product. SkirtworkS even offers custom made skirts to ensure the best fit for the right job.
SkirtworkS mission:
"Here at SkirtworkS we know the paddle sport industry is growing and changing everyday. It is our promise to build and test our products and find new solutions to be able to provide you with a higher quality product at a reasonable price. Our skirts are manufactured from the highest quality material available today. All of our seams are hand glued with pride right here at our shop in Friendsville MD."
With a full line of sprayskirts, and accessories including footwear, head gear, and even poggies, SkirtworkS has what you need, so make sure and
-charlie simmons-
team skirtworks

Wavesport Kayaks - whitewater kayaks period.

Since 1986 Wave Sport has been pushing the boundaries of paddling, revolutionizing paddling, and how we think about kayaking. Wavesport kayaks have played a huge roll in my kayaking history. My second kayak ever was a Wavesport T2, my first C1 ever was the same Wavesport t2, my first creek boat ever was a Wavesport stubby, and my first real playboat was the Wavesport project 52........

I've been super fortunate enough lately to become a member of Team Wavesport, and am FIRED UP about throwing down in the project 52 once again, and dropping serious bombs in the super sweet Wavesport Habitat creekboat.
So with being said, prepare yourselves for a Wavesport revolution! I'm gonna sweep the region, and hopefully far beyond spreading the Wavesport goodness.
Here is a letter from Bryan Kirk, team manager;........
"We've had a couple new additions around N. America for Wave Sport's Regional Team. Taylor Cavin has been killing the creeks in his native CA, Charlie Simmons is creeking, surfing, and slalom racing in Alabama, and Tyler Fox out of Ontario has been traveling all over the globe promoting WS. Let's welcome all these guys to the Team. The Project 52CX is coming along, and will be available in early '09. Keep in touch(and warm!)",Bryan Kirk

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ophion Paddles - Precision Paddles for Precision Paddlers

Ophion paddles are made in small village in Slovenia. Made from the best materials, and using state of the art technique to precision manufacture some of the finest paddles made today in my opinion.
I've been fortunate enough to be on Team Ophion U.S. actually honored to be the first United Sates native ambassador, but I'm sure just the first of many to come.
The name Ophion comes from Greek mythology, Ophion ruled the water then; and Ophion paddles rule the water now!
Sasa Rejec, the owner and engineer of Ophion Paddles, worked with Aqua-planing to design car tires, and made the realization that it could be used to design paddles too.
His father, whom already was a paddle maker, inspired Sasa to follow through with his idea.
Sasa followed through with it while resting from a broken arm by mountain bike accident.
And now makes the power that is Ophion.
He strives to try and fill the gap in the lack of custom made kayak and canoe paddles. Not only should you chose a length and style, but weight and uses.
If you could completely customized your paddle wouldn't you?
so check them out here
do it now and save on the christmas specials.
til next time

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green River Narrows Race - 13th annual

The Green River Narrows marks the coolest dam released creeking in the southeastern united states and maybe beyond.

Paddlers from all over test their skill and will on the river on almost a daily basis, thanks to the natural gradient and Duke energy. The Green river flows out of Lake Summit, located in Saluda North Carolina. Its a small mountain lake, with about a one hundred foot tall hydro-electric dam feeding the Green river.
Once a year around Halloween there is a race held on The Green River Narrows that challenges more skill and technique that I've ever been tested on before. Racing whats called "The Monster Mile," the race course involves about twenty rapids most ranging into class Five. There are normally about 300-500 spectators at least, (which doesn't sound like much, but when your talking about a remote river canyon it is.)

The Race calls for a demand in endurance, physical, and mental strength.
And Six 'Bama boys made it out to represent. Sam England, Andy Hobson, Danny Flynt, Luke Scott, and Snodgrass all raced in the short boat class.
And I held in down in the long boat class, using a nice teal blue Perception Corsica Matrix.
The race was AWESOME!!!!!!
I believe the most fun I have ever had competing in whitewater kayaking.
Luckily it was a safe year and no one was hurt. Amazing considering the amount of carnage and low water level.
Next year will be the 14th annual race and it should be even bigger and better!
i look forward to it every day.
All of the pictures were taken by my girlfriend Brittany Nelson, with the exeption of the one of me in the corsica on Gorilla.


Cheoah River Race- whitewater kayak race

The Cheoah river was resurected a couple of years ago for the first time since 1977.
And since then it has been a paddling zoo. With as few as 10 releases a year the Cheoah brings paddlers from all over to enjoy its rapids and scenic beauty.

This year (2008) marked the second annual Cheoah River Race.
The course last year started at the start of the reputable Bear creek section, at the bridge.
But this year, due to trampling of protected plant species the course actually started 1/4 mile upstream. Making the race course a couple miles long.
I broke out "The Bitch" and old Dagger Response i traded for, and it has proven itself very fast indeed winning 5/5 races.

Cheoah Race Results
Cheoah Race Results:
Top 10
1. 16:14 Charlie Simmons, Dagger Response
2. 16:28 Chris Gallaway, The Wave Sport Race Boat
3. 16:40 Geoff Kohl, Tornado
4. 16:46 Ben Davis, Liquid Logic Remix
5. 17:09 Matthew Wallace, Liquid Logic Jefe
6. 17:38 Chris McCoy, Dagger Nomad
7. 17:49 Cruise Quenelle, Liquid Logic Jefe
8. 18:13 Warren Stallings, Dagger Nomad
9. 18:30 Chuck Armantrout, Jackson Rocker
10. 19:28 Danny Flem and Bryan ?, Riot Magnum and Liquid Logic Jefe
Race was from the put in above the Forest service bridge to the lake. Thanks to Chuck and for putting the race on.Photos taken by: Alisha B. Thanks so much girl!

'Til next time,-charlie

"The Ronin Sessions" - freestyle kayaking

So I've been backed up on footage, and all the while wanted to produce a LiquidLogic Ronin 59 video. Its a great compact areal machine. The Ronin is great on waves and holes capable of combination moves, but also does wonderfully on big water river running, making it a stable all around bad ass(and so is the outfitting.)If you search online for Ronin reviews or videos, there just isn't whole lot so here it is for viewing pleasure........"The Ronin Sessions"Featuring: Zach "hardhat" Sanders, and me Charlie Simmons.
Rivers featured: Tallapoosa, Coosa, Locust Fork, Ocoee, and more.check it out here:,-charlie simmons

"A Long Time Comming"- Hucking Chewacla State Park Falls for the first time ever!!!

Check out the video and more great pics at
For at least a year now Andy Hobson and I have had an eye on Chewacla state park falls, and its probability of successfully running it in our kayaks. Its a 25 to 30 foot drop that lands in a very shallow pool, about 2-3 feet deep at extremely high water(shown here). That leads directly into another 25ft off vertical waterfall/slide we call "Stidham falls"(below). Together dropping 60 vertical feet in about fifty yards.The Lower falls/slide known as "Stidham Falls" has been run for a few years now but still remains one of the few class 5 drops in Lee county, not to mention one of the southern most class 5 rapids in the southeastern United States. Its a technical drop that can be nothing but fun when run correctly, however deal out a great bit of carnage to those who don't. If you look at the top of the frame of the these pictures you can see the upper falls in the background.

The pictures on the left where taken at a minimum runnable level for the lower falls, which is WAY too low for the upper falls(as shown). The pictures on the right side of the screen where taken at a high flow for the lower falls, which is the minimum flow for the upper. When Andy and I ran it on Sunday, it was higher than the photos shown here on the right.Wanting to safely run the upper falls meant waiting on the right timing. We had scouted out all possible lines of the dam, but between waiting for an ideal flow and knowing the landing was so sketchy, the factors had never aligned together resulting in a run straight out of the 26 acre Chewacla state park lake.But fortunately tropical storm Fay brought lots of water our way, and on the weekend, nonetheless.
Brittany and I met Andy at about 8:30 Sunday, August 24 2008 with intentions of going straight to Chewacla. The state park has lots of cool features, including class 5 park andhuck.... the catch, a $3 entry fee on the weekends and $2 on the weekdays and a two hundred yard walk from the truck.Upon our arrival we could hear the water from the parking lot and suddenly a great feeling came over us. We quickly suited up and hiked the 1/8 mile trail down hill to the falls. Walking straight to the upper falls, we had high hopes of a large enough flow to run it. And it was BIG.

The highest I've ever seen it. But that's what we needed to see, honestly. We ran the lower falls at the highest flow it's ever been run, I'm willing to bet. Andy fired it up first and it was amazing, flawless. With a class four plus lead in, this drop falls about 6 feet vertically before driving over a super fun auto boof/launch dropping about ten to twelve feet into a large hole. Then about a ten foot pool into the last lead out hole, also beefy(lower falls shown here with Andy standing by). We each ran it several times with all smiles.
Pumped from our good lines, we had to go take a second look at the notorious upper falls. This time thoroughly scouting out the river right line. The landing was actually more shallow, but all other aspects of the line where much more inviting than the river left one. After rigging up a sweet little boat saving system we launched Andy's boat, filled with about 15 gallons of water, off the drop for a test run. As soon as we saw how well it took the drop we both knew it was on......And so we ran the shit.

I ran it first, and Andy soon there after, and it was all goooooood.
The following photos were caught by an Auburn/Opelika news photographer, William White. He happened to be at the park on his own account, and this is what was in the newspaper. More to come he says on a CD he plans on mailing me.....For some reason i couldn't load the video straight to the blog so...

Make sure to Check out the video here:

Well, thats it for now but PLENTY more to come. I added it up, and that sunday alone Andy and I dropped 800ft. in our kayaks. One hell of a first day on Andy's new rock colored Magnum 80!
-charlie simmons