Thursday, November 20, 2008

ShredReady Helmets- "because rocks hurt!"

ShredReady Helmets have played a HUGE roll in kayaking for me since in the beginning. My first helmet i ever had for paddling i found floating in an eddy on the Saugahatchee Creek, while open boating one day after class. My second helmet was a Shaggy midnight blue, my girlfriend Brittany gave to me for Christmas when i first started kayaking two Christmas's' ago. I rocked that and another black shaggy for years until upgrading to my TDub. I got it when i first started teaching kayaking with and for Tom, owner of SR.
Since 1996 owner Tom Shreburne and ShredReady have been making a GREAT line of helmets, gear, and accessories. Making every helmet with the care as if it was their own ShredReady has conquered the Kayaking world and moved on into Skiing, snowboarding, kite boarding, wake boarding, and who know what is next.
Now jumping onto the Customizing wagon. Now not only get your different helmet models, colors, and material types, but make it your "own" with custom vinyl graphics and backgrounds.
With a one of kind helmet, everyone will know you on the river!
so make sure and check it out at

-charlie simmons-
Team SR

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