Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tallapoosa River- creek lines in C boats too!

The Tallapoosa River The Tallapoosa river, thurlow section, offers great whitewater at all levels possible! With big water releases offering up to 13,000 cfs, the Tallapoosa makes great playboating and wonderful BIG water lines all along the river and at especially at the falls. The falls alone offers up 5 standard lines, and as many more as you're willing to try.
But, as with any other dam released river, the Tallapoosa has a minimum low flow also, and only offers up anywhere from 400 to 2,000 cfs(depending on the drought.)
At the minimum flow the river has good attainments, eddy hops, but most importantly great creek boat lines at the falls. One of the few places that you can actually "practice" creekboating.

Here is a link to an OLD video i made a while back all about the "Creek Lines" in kayaks
check it out and come back.......

So, i have been kayaking the Tallapoosa "creek lines" at least a year now. And by no means has it grown boring, but its always fun to throw spice in your life....
Lately i have been both open boating and C1ing the creek lines.
Here's a photo dump, all the pictures are of me and taken by Steven Naylor, all taken over the last week......

Photo Captions- 1. Me- Dagger Rival OC1- Horseshoe ledge 2. Zach sanders- sticky hole 3. Tallapoosa Falls 12,000cfs 4. Me- The falls 7000cfs 5. Me- Dagger Rival OC1- "The Stomp"line 6. Me- Dagger Rival- "The finger" on line. 7. Going back up for more 8. Me- Blown off the finger... but it was good too. 9. Me- Dagger Response C1- Horseshoe ledge 10-11. Me- Dagger Response C1- "The Finger".

Well, that's all for now but check back for more!

-charlie simmons-

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