Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video Update From Ophion Paddles: From Fellow Team Member Max Eberl

Everyone who has one truly know what it means to use and own a paddle made custom to your standards and specs.  Here is a video from fellow team Ophion member Max Eberl showing everyone what he does with his paddles.   Enjoy!

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Charlie Simmons/Team Ophion Paddles

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here you go....more photos

Left over Green Race shots:

Above- me   Below- Cruise

 Above- Derek       Below- CARNAGE!

 Above- Mac Mcgee      Below- Ginger Brad Mcmillan

 Above- Chris Bear       Below- Andy Hobson

 Above- Green Race 2010 Crowd    Below- Sam Causey

 Dupont State Park
Dupont State Park is a great resource for anything outdoors.....including some waterfall hucking even when everything else is low water or the day after the green race when Duke decided not to generate electricity.  Here is Cruise Quenelle and my self water fallin



 Me and grandmother when i was in 9th or 10th grade (circa 2001ish) after winning an art show in the Alabama state capitol.  Name of the design behind me is "purple haze"....

Hendo skate park

 Its getting cold, but im looking forward to a season on the snow so all is good

 The Black Mountain Crest Trail
The BMCT runs through the black mountians, of witch contains Mt. Mitchell the hight peak on the Eastern Seaboard (6880ft) and on the trail summited upwards of 10 of the tallest mountains in the range including; Mt.Craig, Big Tom,Cattail Peak, Balsome Cone, Potatoh Hill, WinterStar Mt., and Mt. Mitchell to name a few and is one of the steepest and more difficult trails around.  Here are some photos of my buddy Brauhn and myself on the BMCT in october sometime.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Green River Narrows Race 11/6/10

(above)A Great shot from of me on Gorilla during this years race. Thanks guys!

The 2010 Green River Race went off without a hitch!  An amazing event, one that everyone can enjoy; paddlers and spectators alike. ( If you aren't aware of what it is check my previous posts which describe the event in greater detail

Here is a link to the RACE RESULTS
I got a 5min and 24 second time,  (thats close to 350 vertical feet descended in just under a mile!) and though it didn't go as well as i had planned worked out pretty clean and definately fun! 1st place Finish goes out to Mike Dawson. cheers!
Close up of me on Gorilla, photo by Brittany Nelson

"Sunshine" Right- photo by Brittany Nelson

"Go Left and Die"

Here is a link to a great video from this years race, put together by Get Wet Productions; Featuring many different view points as well as rapids and paddlers.

And yet another video from "Mindless Conception" showcasing an entirely different perspective, and a very cool one at that.

Big Thanks to all of you whom help organize, promote, and follow through with such an AMAZING EVENT!  As well as everyone that hiked in just to watch, cheer, and yes even enjoy the wouldn't be the same without all of you.

See you on the River
-charlie simmons-
Team Wavesport, Shred Ready, Ophion Paddles, Bomber Gear, Skirtworks

Monday, October 25, 2010

12 days to go.....GREEN RACE BABY!! Photo Update

(Gorilla/long boat 10/23/10, charlie simmons)
Big thanks to my fiance Brittany whom hiked in to take such wonderful shots (10/24/10) as well as to Chris' friend Melody.

With only two weeks to go until the race, the chargers are starting to turn out....and not just the locals.  Even with less than ideal river flow the monkey got spanked quite hard this passed weekend; though it did bite back on a few just to show its teeth. Here are some photos from the past few days.

 Charlie Simmons- Gorilla
 Ray Morton/ Scream Machine
 Ray Morton- Niece's Pieces
 Ray Morton- same
 Bryan Kirk- Sunshine Right
 Charlie Simmons- Groove Tube
 Charlie Simmons- Sunshine Right Sequence
 Landing Zone

 David Ledford- Gorilla

 Adriene Levknencht - Gorilla
 Mike Dawson- Gorilla

 Isaac Levinson -Gorilla

 Sonders -gorilla

Tad Dennis - Gorilla
Casey Eichfeld- Gorilla
 hand paddler- gorilla
 Sonders- Powerslide
 Brad McMillan- Powerslide
Chris Wing- Powerslide

 -til next time-
Charlie Simmons
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