Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here you go....more photos

Left over Green Race shots:

Above- me   Below- Cruise

 Above- Derek       Below- CARNAGE!

 Above- Mac Mcgee      Below- Ginger Brad Mcmillan

 Above- Chris Bear       Below- Andy Hobson

 Above- Green Race 2010 Crowd    Below- Sam Causey

 Dupont State Park
Dupont State Park is a great resource for anything outdoors.....including some waterfall hucking even when everything else is low water or the day after the green race when Duke decided not to generate electricity.  Here is Cruise Quenelle and my self water fallin



 Me and grandmother when i was in 9th or 10th grade (circa 2001ish) after winning an art show in the Alabama state capitol.  Name of the design behind me is "purple haze"....

Hendo skate park

 Its getting cold, but im looking forward to a season on the snow so all is good

 The Black Mountain Crest Trail
The BMCT runs through the black mountians, of witch contains Mt. Mitchell the hight peak on the Eastern Seaboard (6880ft) and on the trail summited upwards of 10 of the tallest mountains in the range including; Mt.Craig, Big Tom,Cattail Peak, Balsome Cone, Potatoh Hill, WinterStar Mt., and Mt. Mitchell to name a few and is one of the steepest and more difficult trails around.  Here are some photos of my buddy Brauhn and myself on the BMCT in october sometime.

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