Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alabama Mountain Games/NAWF 2010

Overall i had an absolute blast at The Alabama Mountain Games!;

AMG's featuring Whitewater Kayaking(Freestyle Waterfall Huckfest, Freestyle Throwdown, Slalom Racing), Mt. Biking, Climbing, and Wakeboarding!......
Location: north alabama; Locust Fork

By the end of the weekend I was able to walk away with 4th in Mens Pro K1 freestyle waterfall competition, 1st in my C1 championship slalom race (with time faster than a lot of the kayak racers) and 4th in mens C1 freestyle comp... Pretty stoked to only be 5 months out of shoulder surgery, but cant wait to be back at 100%!

Check out what all went down!!!!
Waterfall Huckfest

(above) Me competing in Mens Pro K1 Huckfest

Freestyle Throwdown

(Above) Me competing in the Mens C1 class in the freestyle Throwdown.
(above) Eric Jackson going big

(above) Bama boys Jordan Sherman and Luke Scott holding it down for the creekers!

Slalom Racing

(above) me racing the gates in my C1 championship division

(above) Luke Scott and Dane Jackson racing Mens K1 Championship

Mountain Biking
(above) Yours truly on the wall ride, bad lighting;SWEET obsticle

(above) Rob Beckman and Jeremey Smith

(Above) Rob Beckman on a HUGE Ex-Up triple crown that shit!

Wakeboarding RailJam
Nick troutman on a huge kickflip off the kicker

(above) Alex Graydon

David Luker

Jeff Mathis

Flopentog! Belly Flop!! Amazing what spectators will do for free shit!
Hope you enjoyed it!
lots more photos on my facebook page :

Big Thanks to Jeremy, Gavin, Rob, Tom, and Kieth, and everyone else whom brought all the mayhem together!!!! WE ALL APPRECIATE IT!

-charlie simmons-
Team Wavesport kayaks, Ophion Paddles, Shred Ready Helmets, Skirtworks, and Bomber Gear

Mulberry Fork (Warrior River) Canoe and Kayaka Races 2010

The MFCKR 2010 was a blast, despite the 19 degree low temp for friday night, the weather for the rest of the weekend turned out to be rather pleasant, here are a few shots of what went down!
(Above)Me running the gates for my C1 Championship class.... resulted in 2nd place to one time USA paddler Trevor Soileau.

Surfs Up!!

(Above) Me running the slalom gates on my SUP or Stand Up Paddleboard. Notice the Sweet Ophion SUP Paddle!


Click above for a link to a video of the SUP in action!

(skeeter splat)

(Above) Big Thanks to Phil Foti for letting Tony D use (or try to use) your skeeter and in turn finally letting me get my first test drive in the old girl.

(Above) more shots of yours truly in action on the course. Big Thanks to CHIP for giving me the old Dagger Zealot to cut down and race!
-Lots more photos to be seen on my facebook page, check it out here:- http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=2049512&id=1044090800
Unitl Next time,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mulberry Creek Head Cam Video

Zach Sanders put this together after a quick ride over to Mulberry Creek near Piney Grove Georgia..........

"Charlie Simmons and Zach Sanders on some after class kayaking at the Mulberry Creek near Piney Grove, GA ~ 1/26/2010
Edited: zach sanders "

Kayak Mulberry Creek- Head Cam from charlie simmons on Vimeo.