Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cheoah River Race- whitewater kayak race

The Cheoah river was resurected a couple of years ago for the first time since 1977.
And since then it has been a paddling zoo. With as few as 10 releases a year the Cheoah brings paddlers from all over to enjoy its rapids and scenic beauty.

This year (2008) marked the second annual Cheoah River Race.
The course last year started at the start of the reputable Bear creek section, at the bridge.
But this year, due to trampling of protected plant species the course actually started 1/4 mile upstream. Making the race course a couple miles long.
I broke out "The Bitch" and old Dagger Response i traded for, and it has proven itself very fast indeed winning 5/5 races.

Cheoah Race Results
Cheoah Race Results:
Top 10
1. 16:14 Charlie Simmons, Dagger Response
2. 16:28 Chris Gallaway, The Wave Sport Race Boat
3. 16:40 Geoff Kohl, Tornado
4. 16:46 Ben Davis, Liquid Logic Remix
5. 17:09 Matthew Wallace, Liquid Logic Jefe
6. 17:38 Chris McCoy, Dagger Nomad
7. 17:49 Cruise Quenelle, Liquid Logic Jefe
8. 18:13 Warren Stallings, Dagger Nomad
9. 18:30 Chuck Armantrout, Jackson Rocker
10. 19:28 Danny Flem and Bryan ?, Riot Magnum and Liquid Logic Jefe
Race was from the put in above the Forest service bridge to the lake. Thanks to Chuck and for putting the race on.Photos taken by: Alisha B. Thanks so much girl!

'Til next time,-charlie

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