Monday, November 17, 2008

Ophion Paddles - Precision Paddles for Precision Paddlers

Ophion paddles are made in small village in Slovenia. Made from the best materials, and using state of the art technique to precision manufacture some of the finest paddles made today in my opinion.
I've been fortunate enough to be on Team Ophion U.S. actually honored to be the first United Sates native ambassador, but I'm sure just the first of many to come.
The name Ophion comes from Greek mythology, Ophion ruled the water then; and Ophion paddles rule the water now!
Sasa Rejec, the owner and engineer of Ophion Paddles, worked with Aqua-planing to design car tires, and made the realization that it could be used to design paddles too.
His father, whom already was a paddle maker, inspired Sasa to follow through with his idea.
Sasa followed through with it while resting from a broken arm by mountain bike accident.
And now makes the power that is Ophion.
He strives to try and fill the gap in the lack of custom made kayak and canoe paddles. Not only should you chose a length and style, but weight and uses.
If you could completely customized your paddle wouldn't you?
so check them out here
do it now and save on the christmas specials.
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