Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wavesport Kayaks - whitewater kayaks period.

Since 1986 Wave Sport has been pushing the boundaries of paddling, revolutionizing paddling, and how we think about kayaking. Wavesport kayaks have played a huge roll in my kayaking history. My second kayak ever was a Wavesport T2, my first C1 ever was the same Wavesport t2, my first creek boat ever was a Wavesport stubby, and my first real playboat was the Wavesport project 52........

I've been super fortunate enough lately to become a member of Team Wavesport, and am FIRED UP about throwing down in the project 52 once again, and dropping serious bombs in the super sweet Wavesport Habitat creekboat.
So with being said, prepare yourselves for a Wavesport revolution! I'm gonna sweep the region, and hopefully far beyond spreading the Wavesport goodness.
Here is a letter from Bryan Kirk, team manager;........
"We've had a couple new additions around N. America for Wave Sport's Regional Team. Taylor Cavin has been killing the creeks in his native CA, Charlie Simmons is creeking, surfing, and slalom racing in Alabama, and Tyler Fox out of Ontario has been traveling all over the globe promoting WS. Let's welcome all these guys to the Team. The Project 52CX is coming along, and will be available in early '09. Keep in touch(and warm!)",Bryan Kirk

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