Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green River Narrows Race - 13th annual

The Green River Narrows marks the coolest dam released creeking in the southeastern united states and maybe beyond.

Paddlers from all over test their skill and will on the river on almost a daily basis, thanks to the natural gradient and Duke energy. The Green river flows out of Lake Summit, located in Saluda North Carolina. Its a small mountain lake, with about a one hundred foot tall hydro-electric dam feeding the Green river.
Once a year around Halloween there is a race held on The Green River Narrows that challenges more skill and technique that I've ever been tested on before. Racing whats called "The Monster Mile," the race course involves about twenty rapids most ranging into class Five. There are normally about 300-500 spectators at least, (which doesn't sound like much, but when your talking about a remote river canyon it is.)

The Race calls for a demand in endurance, physical, and mental strength.
And Six 'Bama boys made it out to represent. Sam England, Andy Hobson, Danny Flynt, Luke Scott, and Snodgrass all raced in the short boat class.
And I held in down in the long boat class, using a nice teal blue Perception Corsica Matrix.
The race was AWESOME!!!!!!
I believe the most fun I have ever had competing in whitewater kayaking.
Luckily it was a safe year and no one was hurt. Amazing considering the amount of carnage and low water level.
Next year will be the 14th annual race and it should be even bigger and better!
i look forward to it every day.
All of the pictures were taken by my girlfriend Brittany Nelson, with the exeption of the one of me in the corsica on Gorilla.


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