Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bombsquad is comming! - BomberGear

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Bomber Gear's Mission:
Our Mission
"Most revolutions start small and eventually peak with an intense shift in design, construction and consciousness. Bomber Gear™ has evolved to such a pinnacle – evolution to revolution. Using technology never before seen in the paddling/outdoor adventure industry, Bomber Gear is redefining the standards of outdoor gear and apparel using innovative technology regarding fabrics, design and modes of construction. Bomber Gear’s™ newest contribution to the paddling/outdoor gene pool is Kold Fusion™, a technique so advanced we need to use the terms ‘laser’, ‘polymer matrix’ and ‘dynamic electric field’ in order to describe it. As always, our goal is to break the barriers of ‘industry standard’ and elevate utility/performance to a new, dynamic level. Each item is specifically designed for functionality and form, and each piece represents our modern, artistic flair. Bomber Gear™ is the ‘next generation animal’ in the outdoor industry. We prove ourselves as ‘survival of the fittest’ by making survival gear that fits. "

Owner Rick Franken takes a personal effort to ensure great products for ever type of amphibious athlete.
With a full line of dry gear, accessories, body layers, Bomber Gear has what you're looking for
-charlie simmons-
team bombsquad

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