Monday, May 17, 2010

Coosa River Whitewater Fest 2010

The 2010 Coosa River Whitewater Festival was a blast, and was infact the 25th anniversary of the event; and i would have to say it went very well.
-here is a link to a video interview i did with WSFA 12 NEWs from the river with some good freestyle video footage! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Friday's events consisted of a "Fun-Float/Practice day" which i was unable to attend due to my girlfriend Brittany's graduation from Auburn University (congrats B!)
However, Saturday on the other hand i was able to make it out for, and it went great. The day started early, at leat for me, buy shuttling up to the put in around 9 a.m. During this time there was a mass start down river race to where the main event was to take place at "Moccosins Gap." Unable to race, do to carrying to many vessels to the freestyle comp, (see below image; k1, c1, SUP)

I was still able to make it down to the Gap in time for a few surfs in my C1 (closed cockpit canoe) before my first competition was to start. Here are a few photos Brittany took of it.

(above)You gotta love some Blunt action!

My firt competition of the day was on my Stant Up Paddle-board or SUP. The name of the comp was Freestyle through-a-rapid/ Sit on Top. Well i managed to break the trend for the first time in the festivals existance with my paddle board. Though there was still some good competion including from Southern Trails and COC owener Lonnie whom managed to pull of some nice enders and even spins, but i think it was the surfs and freestyle dismounts i pulled that brought home the 1st place award to me! Below are some shots of how it all unfolded, again taken by Brittany.

All good things come to an END!

When my kayak freestyle competion finally came around it felt like it had to be close to 100 degrees outside, but nonetheless i was pumped and ready to go! Overall i felt it went great, i was in the lead for the first AND second heats leading all the way up to the finals..... but you know how it goes; Go big or Go home! i didnt go all the way home but didd drop down to top 3rd place for the overall Mens division! Oh well still on the podium. Below are some photos taken by the Montgomery Advertiser New-Paper and some by Brittany.
(above) a few shots from my first heat (above) Jeremy Adkins

(above) Mcnasty in the top wave

(above) since the competion was "through rapid" you could take advantage of 3 features during your time limit. here is me in the "Top Hole"

(above) Big Loop by Jeremy Adkins

Hunter Katich with a paddle toss!

Accepting Awards
All together the event went great and from what i could tell without a hitch. Good friends, Good music, and Good times on the river. What else can you aks for?
-Here is a link to all the photos taken by the Montgomery Advertiser News-Paper (click the thumbnails link to see all photos)
And here is a link to a video interview i did with WSFA 12 NEWs from the river with some good freestyle video footage! CHECK IT OUT!!!
-til next time, hope you enjoyed it!
-charlie simmons'
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