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2011 Alabama Mountain Games featuring NAWF

The 2011 Alabama Mountain Games (NAWF) went great.  This festival brings great music, great people and awesome sports like Mt. Biking Kayaking Disc Golf Stand UP Paddle Boarding and more all together. 
Awards ceremony for pro Boater-X (1st me, 2nd johnny shales, 3rd kieth yell)
Events kicked off with the “Huckfest” first thing Thursday morning in Guntersville, Al at Short Creek shortly followed by the” Boater Cross”. The “Huckfest” is a freestyle waterfall competition; and the “Boatercross” is a head to head race over the falls then behind the curtain of the falls out the other side and to the finish. All together it was (and always is) a SUPER COOL day. This style of competition brings the freestyle realm to the down river and racing realm. And that’s what I truly love about it. I was fortunate enough to walk away with 1st in Men’s Pro Boater-X, and 3rd in Men’s Pro Huck-Fest.

competetors meeting at short creek falls

Mens Pro Boater-X Photos;

getting the job done 1st

Mens Pro "Huck Fest" Photos; 

I LOVE THE WAVE SPORT PROJECT X!!! It is truly amazing!!
After the day’s events we all paddle down the rest of Short Creek which is a class III/IV run, so it was great to see everyone chargin’ in playboats…….and carnage was inevitable!

 Mt. Chaos was an ongoing tradition at NAWF, and was brought back this year to the AMG’s. It’s a 30 foot ramp built out of Assembly line style rollers into a kicker……capable of throwing you for kick-flips, freewheels, or just a big ol’ stomp. Once you get the taste of Mt.Chaos you just can’t stop!

Mt. Chaos Photos;

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming more and more popular on the river, and whenever I get the chance I love to SUP downstream. There was also a SUP head to head race held at the AMG’s. We had heats of five in the men’s competition with first place continuing to the finals. I placed 1st in my first heat of 5, and 2nd in my second heat. So it was down to me and Mike T for the final finals, and it was indeed a great race, however Mike took the victory home, and I was in 2nd. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the event

However here are a few photos from Powell Falls (both left and right of the island) on the Locust Fork of the Warrior River:

not quite!

The Mountain Bike trail and free-ride obstacles have been a big highlight of AMG and of my experience there. The Cross Country Trail is no joke, equipped with big jumps, wall rides, banked turns, tight paths, and even a Creek Jump that makes it all worth it. Along with the trail there are a few free-ride jumps; including a few blind horizon line jumps (big) and new this year a big step up.

Here are a few photos of some MTB action

me and Zach sanders go wall riding

creek gap jump

you cant tell from this photo but HUGE gorged out step up

Overall the 2011 Alabama Mountain Games rocked. There was great company, great music, BEER, one of the biggest fires I’ve ever seen and a whole lot more. You will just have to come out next year to see it for yourself.

Big Thanks to Jeremy Adkins, Keith Yell, Gavin Rains, Rob Beckman, Mark T, and everyone else whom worked so hard to put it on…..again.

And to The Outside World in douglasville, Georgia…..Check these guys out for your boating needs, they will go out of their way to make sure you get what you need! THANKS GUYS!!

Also HUGE thanks to Jonathan Street for so many GREAT photos over the weekend!

-charlie simmons-
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