Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project X 56 at work: NOC hole on the Pigeon River

 What an awesome boat! Its a great all around boat, amazing at down river, and especially at what its made for: FREESTYLE. Ive made few recent trips over to the Peigeon river in western North Carolina, and while the river isn't exactly known for quality playspots, there is a "somewhat" new feture down at the NOC outpost that is pretty good. 
 Depending on the level of course its a pretty active hole, with "wavey" characteristics.  Ive been on days when it was nice a retentive, but ive also seen days where it wasn't quite so proactive.  Nonetheless a nice place to get wet in a great boat.

 This playspot has park a huck potential but, you can always run the river just the same to get to it. 
 It also harnesses the ability to go huge on traditional areial moves like loops, godzillas, etc..

Video highlights to come soon, thanks for stoppin by!
-Charlie Simmons-
Team WS

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