Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Enough Time for all the FUN......especially Blogging!

So ive taken a much needed break from blogging..... while i haven't posted videos or photos or even tales of triumphs or hanus adventures; I ASSURE YOU.....I HAVE BEEN GETTING DOWN!!!! haha

***To save time, and to get this done before my boss finds out im doing at work (gotta love SALARY!) Here is a quick Photo Puke to catch you up to speed on my life in the last 6 months.....much more to come keep checking in!!***

Zach Sanders left;  Im on the right
not enough time to make it to the trails....at least thers fun at home!
My Wavesport Frankenstein has to be one of my favorite boats.....
road trip banter
got to love the pit bikes, my DRZ143
Above: Will D on the back door line, looking good...
But i also love my Wavesport Momentum.....wish i could get a fresh one!
road trippin
more pit bike corners!!!
My brother in-law John doin his thang....
Me in the Momentum, makes everything smooth
More fun in the sun at the house
Welcome to my World of Work.... Greenhouse Science is fun and demanding, but i like gravity more
VINTAGE!!! haha 1988 Honda Z50, goofin off at the casa; Project "Z" Pit has commenced!
A photo John Snapped of me on the Enoree Trail System in South Carolina
My buddy Zach making the Pirouette S look sharp!
Me + Momentum = FUN!!!

Some good stuff, i love making life what it is!!!! that is the only way to truly get the most out yourself and surroundings!! See you out there!

Thanks WaveSport Kayaks, BOMBER GEAR!!!, Shred Ready Helmets, Ophion Paddles and SKirtworks

And an even bigger thanks to my gorgeous other half Brittany for putting up with my crazy ideas and lifestyle, and for tagging along and taking pics all the way!!! you are the best


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