Monday, February 16, 2009

Little River Canyon 2-5-2009

It was a low water day on LRC, but its always a good day when I'm on the water and especially on such a crown run.
For while now we have been putting in at the falls consistently, as apposed to the standard Suicide section put in (even when the water is too low to run the falls). See what we do is simply put in on the middle ledge of the typical river left LRC falls line. It starts the day off with a blast and all smiles for us. Below is a photo of Ray Morton taken by me, i really like this one. And above is a photo of me taken by Ray.
After good times and lines at the entrance falls, we headed off down the canyon. Passing up the photo opportunities of "Are you ready", "Martha's ledge","Mammoth", and "Terminal Eddy" rapids (for what reason i don't know)but we did however stop at "Avalanche" were i snapped some good photos of Danny and Cruise. (below)
Next up was "Mushroom boof" and some boogie until "Cable Falls." Cable Falls at low water has a couple options both at the top drop and the bottom drop, but the traditional low water line is far river left and here are a couple pictures of Ray and I on that line....

The bottom drop of Cable falls at low water has and still is one of my favorite moves out there. Its a drawn out flare into a two foot wide foam pile channel that you ride out. Here is the only successful photo of the day of my taken by Cruise.

Then it was boogie on down to "Pinball falls" and its eddy hops. This has been my favorite rapid on the canyon since i first ventured in. It involves about 100 yards of class 4/5 eddy hopping or charging ,with many possibilities for lines, spilling directly into the meat of Pinball the falls dropping about 12 to 15 feet between two undercut boulders. Followed shortly by a couple ledge drops. We all had a blast charging straight into Pinball and never got out to take any photos or video......unfortunately.

So here is a picture of me running the main drop of Pinball from another day.
But we set our sight on another lap on Suicide and headed for it.
The second lap was a blast never getting out of the boat at all and finishing the lap in just under 15 minutes followed by a hike out to our ride at Pinball.
Til next time, pray for rain
-charlie simmons-
Team Wavesport, Shredready, Ophion paddles, SkirtworkS, and Bombergear

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