Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Dump- Random Photos

So i found a memory card that i didn't even realize i had been missing, and on it were some great photos, and here some to check...
Chinquapin Creek - entrance falls, Chinquapin creek is on of the MANY steep tributaries to the marvelous Little River Canyon and drops up to 400+ feet in a mile.

Here is a picture of my Buddy Danny on Shades Creek falls in Birmingham. Shades Creek drops over 100 feet in just under 1/4 mile. We got several laps in that day, i was in my Jefe C1.

Mulberry Creek
Ten foot Falls

No Balls for the Falls
Huck Falls

Mulberry Fork- "yo mamma's butt" wave
hope you've enjoyed it, and as always much more to come so keep checkin it out!
-charlie simmons-
team wavesport, shredready, ophion, skirtworks, and bombergear

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