Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ophion Paddles does it again..... SUP Paddle Blade

So getting more into Sup-ing or Stand Up Paddle boarding I have created the need for a GREAT PADDLE. Currently in the Stand Up Paddle Boarding market the paddles have a very vast range in both price range (anywhere from $40-$500) as well as paddle uses(from flat water, to touring, to racing, to whitewater) and even with such a huge market base it still hasn't been
easy finding the right paddle for me. Being both a white water paddler, and an avid canoeist i have combined my experience and knowledge combined with Sasa Rejec owner and designer of Ophion Paddles and together we have come up with a paddle blade that i think will both meet needs of strength, use, and paddle bite; and all the while still weighing in with the lightest of them!Materials will be optional, the above shown blade is made of carbon fiber, and other possible options are fiber glass, and even kevlar and same for shaft options.

-BELOW- Photos of Me and fellow Sup paddlers Zach Sanders and Wes Littlefield testing the Ophion SUP blade-
This blade was built well for white water use, testing GREAT on slides, surfs, holes, river running and even water falls. The strength alone seems virtually "unbreakable" and being based off an already popularly demanded canoe paddle blade, its sure to make a great name for itself amongst Stand Up Paddlers world wide!
The conclusion amongst all of us is that is in fact a SUP-ER SUP paddle! If you are interested in trying one out PLEASE let me know and I will be glade to let you , as I would love more feedback!
-Video to come soon-

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