Wednesday, February 3, 2010

-Shred Ready Helmets presents... the "Gnar Bar" Review


Continuing to bring you the best coverage possible, Shred Ready has come up with the Gnar Bar attachment for the Standard Full Face helmet
Shred Ready’s new Gnar Bar is constructed of High quality Carbon Fiber providing strength as well as contributing to its SUPER light weight and with an Aluminum core inside to provide the backbone this piece is sure to handle any GNAR you throw at it!dsc_0005

Through my experiences testing the Gnar Bar, I have taken in to consideration several things that I have personally found fault with previous protective bars available otherwise; such as Visibility, Coverage/Protection area, and last but not least Strength. dsc_0006
And to this great Bar I have to give it two thumbs up in every category, proving excellent when put to the test through both real paddling experiences and not so realistic (like personally taking a full force swing directly to the bar from a broom handle while wearing it!) dsc_0004

And as you can see from the photos the “Gnar Bar” provides full coverage from the helmet brim to the jaw line to allowing protection from any sort of full front blow to the face, and all the while only coming in at just over 1cm in width your visibility will NOT be sacrificed.

In action video and photos to come soon!
-Charlie Simmons-
Team Shred Ready Helmets

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